Alpha Square Capital is an independently managed asset management firm focused on discretionary long/short and macro strategies. We employ an event-driven, value-oriented global investment approach.

The firm holds a contrarian view of the risks investors are exposed to in financial assets. This view supports Alpha Square Capital to take advantage of investment opportunities that are relatively less crowded. We employ unconventional thinking to gain an edge over the markets and to deliver superior risk-adjusted returns. The firm’s capital allocation strategy is rooted in bottom-up fundamental research, which rests on valuation and risk-reward drivers, that are systematically incorporated into our strategic portfolios.

Alpha Square Capital offers customized investment strategies tailored to our clients’ specific risk tolerances, income needs and time horizons. We pursue innovative strategies that support our investment approach and meet the needs of our investors. The firm’s principal goal is to maximize the long-term wealth of our clients and we continuously strive to achieve that through integrity, commitment and transparency.