The firm invests in US, European and Swiss companies with durable competitive advantages and can return excess free cash flow to shareholders. The strategy emphasizes investing in undervalued companies that are trading below their intrinsic values. Country and industry factors impact security prices and global market fluctuations create opportunities to buy good businesses at sensible prices. We capitalize on these opportunities by focusing on the present value of the free cash flows the underlying businesses will generate over the projected time horizons. Alpha Square Capital looks for companies that are able to operate with a high return on invested capital and that have economic moats, which secure the quality of the businesses into the future.


Bonds form an integral part of Alpha Square Capital’s portfolio that provides stability and certainty, through fixed periodic payments, in times of stock market volatility. The firm’s principal investments include developed and emerging markets corporate and government bonds. Alpha Square Capital primarily invests in investment grade corporate bonds that have continually met stringent tests of safety, and that have strong balance sheets and healthy capital structures. The firm carefully monitors and reviews credit, inflation, currency and interest rate risk pertaining to its bond investments.


Alpha Square Capital’s commodities trading strategy relies on detailed supply and demand forecasting, macro-economic research, fundamental analysis and technical market indicators to generate absolute returns. Alpha Square Capital trades crude oil and oil products, precious and base metals, and agricultural commodities. The firm identifies the market states in different commodities and employs appropriate indicators and oscillators to execute its strategy. Alpha Square Capital utilizes tools such as breakouts, moving averages, volatility channels, time-based exits, among others, to optimize returns.


The firm uses options to hedge its equity positions, limit downside risk, and maximize income. Risk management is at the core of Alpha Square Capital’s investment approach and these strategies provide protection and allow the firm to consistently increase portfolio returns over the long run. Alpha Square Capital also engages in special situations and event-driven cases such as spinoffs and merger arbitrage opportunities to take advantage of market anomalies and exploit market inefficiencies.